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Friday, July 27, 2012

Sneak peek: Keegan Wheeler for Papa John's

Here's some behind-the-scene shots from Keegan Wheeler who just shot a commercial with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones! And WHAT is he doing in this pic? Keegan divulged to us, "He was RAPPING!"

Employee News Alert: Erik Bechtol celebrates 10 years of success!

We have some huge news. Page 713's Erik Bechtol is not only celebrating 10 years with us at Page Parkes, but was recently promoted to Manager of our Houston office! We got him to give us some insight!
It's humbling to think that 1/3 of my life has been under the employment by the Page Parkes Corporation. These 10 years have been some of the most exciting, hard, rewarding, eye-opening, tear-inducing, heart-wrenching, glamourous, terrifying, educational, jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, adventurous times of my life. I realized today that I have walked in, sat down, greeted my friends, and turned on my computer about 2,450 times. The first time was July 23, 2002, when I signed my employee paperwork, and was given the job as the Front Desk Receptionist. At about the 480th time, I was promoted to the Agency as the Children's Division Agent. At the 950th I made it to the Fashion Division handling Runway and Editorial. My 1,340th day brought the Fashion Print Division as well. And my 1,920th I was promoted to be the Agency Manager. Today brings me to 2,451 times I've walked in, sat down, greeted my friends, and turned on my computer. I've met some of the most influential and beautiful people (on the inside too, which is far more important) in our great city. As well as the opposite... unfortunately. But I wouldn't trade a second of it. Not for all the martinis and red carpets in the world!

And now a word from PAGE herself!
Erik Bechtol was like other GREAT PAGE PARKES LEADERS IN THE PAST, who joined us as an intern only to win the hearts and respect of our staff, models, clients and co~workers over the past 10 years at Page Parkes. Erik's leadership skills brought him to the management level for PAGE 713 Model and Talent Agency and we're very proud and excited to celebrate his success!

What is in Page's purse? D Magazine explores

CLICK HERE to check out D Magazine's investigative piece into what Page Parkes carries in her bag!

Mama Knows Best: A parent's perspective on the industry: Heather Warner

With all the insights and interviews we've been posting from our Page Parkes agents and our amazing talent, we thought it was time to get a parent's perspective. The parents of our talent are equally important with helping us guide their rising careers.
Heather Warner's son MAX has been making major waves in LA, starring in Disney's A.N.T. Farm and booking commercials and more. We caught up with her briefly to get her side of the story.

How young was Max when you guys decided to go ahead with a showbiz career for him and how did he get started?
When Max was 4, his sister dressed him up like "The Fonz" for his yearly photo at Studio One To One at The Woodlands Mall. There was a box I could initially check off giving permission for Page Parkes Center of Modeling and Acting to scout him. They called and I took him down there. At the time he was a little shy and we were told to consider bringing him back when he was 5 or 6. I forgot all about it and then Max was cast as the lead in his Kindergarten play. I told him the story of when we had taken him down to PP. He then persistently asked me to take him back down. I emailed and set up an appointment. I told Max that he would need to go in by himself if he really wanted to do this. He came out and I was told he was adorable, had great skin, and natural acting talent. He then auditioned at age 7 and was signed by PP. During Hurricane Ike, September 2008, he and I flew out to LA for a GAP audition. While we were here, his agent at Page Parkes arranged an audition with The Osbrink Agency and he was signed that day. We have spent the last four years living in LA during the summers and have since added an LA manager. Max has enjoyed living in both Texas and California. He has frequent auditions, takes classes and has been booking jobs more and more each year!:)
How is his life different from other kids his age?
I would have to say that Max is very aware that being on set, although it is fun, it is job and other people depend on him to be professional and have good manners, be on time, be prepared and behave. He understands that "time is money" so he knows to behave professionally. He has no problem working with adults and is very self confident. I am proud of that because no matter what path he takes in life, he has already developed skills related to self-assurance and being mature around people of all ages. I have no doubt he will never have trouble speaking in front of large groups of people and has already developed a good work ethic.
What advice would you give to parents who are faced with navigating helping manage a showbiz career for their kids?
Several thoughts come to mind. First and foremost, check in on a regular basis with your child as to whether he/she is having FUN and maintaining a passion for show business. Also be sure to keep them well rounded; i.e. do not make acting the only priority in his/her life. Max enjoys school, friends, soccer and other activities as well as knowing that school grades, family, and his spiritual life come first. As a parent, never pressure your child as far as preparing for auditions and be sure he/she knows that this is a very competitive business, therefore, to never take it personally when a job is not booked.
How has Page Parkes Management helped him prepare for success?
In addition to the encourgement, preparation and training, the people who work for Page Parkes Management, especially Page herself, are very honest. That is crucial because it does not help anyone to tell the child or parent how great he/she is if they are not. On that same note, knowing from the beginning that this is a tough, competitive business helped Max and I from Day One to have a positive attitude; have fun, know that there will be many more "no's" than "yes's" because casting directors, producers, etc. can only only fill one spot and depending on the role, they have to go with the child that they feel fits perfectly, regardless of how wonderful Max's auditions go. Max also learned from PP to do his best then walk away from the audition and not dwell on it. Then if it is a "no" put it behind you and look forward to what is coming up next. Each audition is practice for the next, not to mention the contacts made each time he goes in. Casting Directors are like elephants - they never forget. So, if they like Max but he is not right for a particular part, they will remember him and call him another time for something else. Preparation plus Opportunity = Success is also another lesson learned at PP.
What are some exciting upcoming projects for Max?
This summer Max has audition for some pilots, films and guest roles at the producer level. We are grateful for that and are awaiting responses. Just to mention a few: NBC, Disney, Nickelodeon and a small independent film.

Office visit!

Two of our magnificent blonds visited us at the office today - Keegan Wheeler and Ashley Lacamp - looking lovely as ever!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Page Parkes is coming to the Hill Country soon...

Calling all teen girls near Austin/Lake Travis/Hill Country area! Here's your chance to meet Page and other notables for four fun-filled days of real GIRL POWER empowering. Check out the details.

Kid's spotlight: Ziggy Wolking for Chuck E. Cheese

Our little blond angel's newest SAG National commercial for kid haven Chuck E. Cheese just released! Check it out!

It's coming!!!

Click here to check out the social event of the season in Dallas and RSVP. Thank you Modern Luxury! Don't get left out.

Celeb spotting: Max Warner & Andy Samberg

SPOTTED! Our little talented star Max Warner was recently reunited with former co-star Andy Sandberg. He played a younger version of Andy on THE SARAH SILVERMAN show in 2010. TMZ even interviewed Max!

Testimonial from model Valen Custer

Another satisfied model at our agency who also attended our recent Page Parkes Agent Review and can give insight into her positive experience!

Dear Page Parkes Agency,
I just had to write this letter and let Page Parkes Agency know how grateful I feel to be a model with this awesome company! My first meeting at the agency was with Devonie Kemp and she immediately made me feel welcomed and relaxed. A few days later I met with Page Parkes and was very impressed by her business sense, energy, and her positive outlook. A few weeks later, I went to model camp and had a great time! At model camp, I did my first shoot with one of their amazing photographers, Dan Carter, who immediately made me feel at ease, and guided and encouraged me to perform at my top potential. Malori Isham had the camp running so smoothly and she was a lot of fun! I learned so much and met so many great people! One of my favorite memories at model camp was meeting my New Faces agent, Ericka Perdue. She was so easy to talk to and made me feel at ease right away.
In the months that have followed model camp, I continue to appreciate Ericka’s supportive and encouraging words. She has worked so hard for me and the other models and really cares about our future and helping us become a true success in this very competitive industry! Erik Bechtol the High Board agent and Tabitha Pagel the Manager, also works so hard for all their talent and are very committed to assuring that they succeed and have all the opportunities available to them. At the Page Parkes’ Dallas division, Christopher Rich is an agent that also cares so much for his talent and always has a friendly hug and big smile! He continually works at providing opportunities and jobs that will advance the careers of his talent.
This past weekend, I attended Page Parkes’ Agent Review that they have once a year. This is an event exclusive to Page Parkes Agency where top agencies are brought in from around the world to come to Houston. During this weekend, the models and actors have a chance to meet with these top agencies, saving us thousands of dollars if we would have to travel to them for open calls or interviews. It was an awesome experience and a weekend full of fun and excitement! I was fortunate to get many callbacks and feel so blessed to be part of Page Parkes that provides this amazing opportunity.
Again, I want to say another huge “thank you” to my New Faces agent Ericka Perdue, that no matter where my modeling takes me, I will be forever appreciative to her for her friendship, professionalism, and guidance! Thank you Page Parkes Agency and staff for allowing me to follow my dream!
Sincerely, Valen Custer

Talent Spotlight: Reagan Eveleth

We keep it all in the family here at Page Parkes too! Page's very own daughter Reagan ("Rea" to us) landed an Academy commercial recently in a spot with a different mom. It's ok Page, it was just temporary!

Talent spotlight: Elizabeth Drake

Check out Elizabeth in a recent turn in Casa Manana's production of ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Spot her in two distinct fantasy roles - as a cuckoo bird and a tall mushroom!

Elsa Marquez for Lifetime Fitness ad

Fitness star!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy July 4 from the Page team!

Have a safe and happy day full of food and fireworks! Here's our greeting to you - Tricia Rollo and Bo Hodge get steamy for July 4!

Beauty buzz: Victoria Monette