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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Page Parkes shares her model secrets!

Check out this amazing segment from "Mirror/Mirror" a great segment from the LIVE WELL NETWORK!
CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE SEGMENT and read the story below:

We call her the model maker. She knows what it takes to scout a high fashion model, and Page Parkes is sharing her secrets.

For more than 30 years, she's been a powerhouse in the modeling industry. "This institution was built one tall skinny boy and girl at a time," says modeling agency founder Page Parkes.

She discovered her eye for talent as a college student when she won an award to work under fashion icon Emilio Pucci.

"I won that award because I chose eight girls from Africa to show my collection, which was a resort collection, and I never thought of winning. It was the models that made me win& It was a powerful moment for me to realize that I wasn't so powerful, but choosing the proper model was," she recalls.

For Page, scouting models is a part of life. "They've got to be tall and thin to even get a moment of my model therapy for sure or career development time that goes on. Tall, we need you to be 5'9" to 5'11". The very next thing is to look at the body shape... the girl must have extremely long legs and be high-waisted. After that, a must is beautiful skin," she says.

Page also doesn't use the word PRETTY. "And I won't. Pretty for me is not going to be pretty for America or a man. It also can be a girl with a big gap between her eyes, you know oddly proportioned girls photograph beautifully, but in person can look extremely odd," she says.

Now, with her new app iScout, Page has made discovering models simple. "It's amazing. We get photos from all over the world, and also, you can download the app and submit yourself as a model," she says.

Smoldering hot: Blayze Mabry

Check out one of our fair-haired male models from our Men's board. Book it!

Blayze Mabry - Page Parkes MGT from anthony chiang on Vimeo.

Tricia Rollo is feeling blue

(Photography: Megan Tipps)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kate Mitchell for Oscar de la Renta

Kate Mitchell strutted in an informal for Oscar de la Renta in LA. Looking lovely!

Employee Spotlight: Christopher Rich

Page Parke Management Dallas Women's Director, Christopher Rich, is celebrating his 20 year mark with the agency this year! He started out as receptionist and in the past 2 decades has worked on developing models and talent and helping shape our Dallas office into a powerhouse full of rising stars. We caught up with him briefly:
WHEN DID YOU START AT PPM? My official start date was 1992, I had been doing freelance work and interning the year before. I modeled as a child, but was not with an agency and I was also involved with a local children's theater in the Houston area. My first position at Page was as receptionist at the school and agency. ANY FAVORITE MEMORIES OF WORKING AT PPM? I am at my 20 year mark with the company. My favorite memory of working at Page Parkes was getting to work with her! From helping her put books and cards together to watching her create a blouse for herself with an Hermes Scarf she brought back from a trip....without the use of needle and thread..lol..so creative she is. (Christopher at left as an assistant at PPM) FAVORITE SUCCESS STORY YOU HELPED DEVELOP? I worked with Alexis Bledel. She was my intern in the office while she was in high school. So enjoyed her and loved booking her for local and out of town clients. Sweet sweet kid. HOW DO YOU THINK PPM PREPARES MODELS AND ACTORS FOR SUCCESS Training from PPSM gives kids such confidence as well as plenty of "know-how" when they are in the development phase. So many of our instructors and coaches we work with either have on-hands client experience, or talent experience that they are able to pass along to the kids. ADVICE YOU WOULD GIVE TO NEWBIE PROSPECTIVE MODELS AND ACTORS? To take the advice of professionals, mainly the agent they choose and are working with. If you think you know everything about the business and how to handle your career on your own and think you don't need an agency, then you probably aren't right for the business if you can't trust us the professionals to guide you. IF YOU WEREN'T WORKING AS AN AGENT, WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING? I would probably would be in some creative field like in casting for our clients.

Spotlight on Nancy Gomez

Check out our raven-haried Latina beauty Nancy!

Lungs n Spleen from solmaz saberi on Vimeo.

Page Parkes girls do DIFFA Dallas

Some of our lovely ladies (like Victoria Monette) strutted their stuff in the recent DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) popular annual fundraiser and show. Check out these cool shots HERE from D Magazine!

Max Warner...Weatherboy?

Max Warner has wowed us with his talent having scored a steady acting gig on Disney Channel's popular A.N.T. Farm. What more can this kid do? Well, do the weather of course! Mom Heather was on hand to capture Max as he hit the airwaves at Fox Houston Channel 26 to give the forecast for their popular segment THE WEEKEND WEATHER KIDS.

Victoria Monette heads to Paris!

Congrats to one of our top models Victoria Monette who recently signed with MAJOR Models in Paris! The All-American brunette will be making the international rounds soon!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

NEW News! Our New Dallas Location!

Which includes our new modeling and acting school!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Christi Schaefer + Betsey Johnson = FUN!

One of our top models Christi got the chance to work with one of the queens of fashion - Betsey Johnson at an event in San Antonio. Love that Betsey visited the Lone Star State to meet her fans and followers. (Christi on right)

Scenes from AGENT REVIEW 2012

We just hosted our annual Page Parkes Management AGENT REVIEW in Houston. Dozens of top model and talent agents from around the world descended upon Houston to check out our roster of amazing talent. More to come!

Inspiration for the Day: Supermodels!

Caitlin Ricketts in Grazia UK