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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Stylist Hunter Lohse

Page Parkes Management recently signed stylist Hunter Lohse. We caught up with him to get the 411!

HOW DID YOU GET YOUR START AS A STYLIST? My family owned a retail store while I was growing up in South Padre, Texas, so I developed a love for style and clothing pretty much early in my life. I studied fashion design at UT Austin and when I graduated in 2007, I produced the first menswear for a senior thesis. During and after college, I worked at several Austin boutiques in sales, buying, and merchandising. I began styling a few years bak, starting with collaborative shoots between my friends, and then branching out into editorial and commercial work. FAVORITE JOB? Working with RACHEL Rachel Roy team during SXSW last year was a great experience. I was able to work on several different aspects of the shoot - styling, location scouting and production. Wrangling models for 7AM call time during the middle of a music festival was a pretty fun challenge. FAVORITE THING ABOUT BEING A STYLIST? I enjoy working with creative people. I enjoy watching how each piece of the puzzle (photographer, model, hair & makeup, and stylist) contributes to the final product. Each piece is just as important as the other, and when everyone is on the same page as to what needs to get done, the outcome is usually pretty stellar. ANY MISCONCEPTIONS OF BEING A STYLIST? Plenty. I think the biggest misconception is that being a stylist is glamourous. It's hard work - lugging around clothes, keeping track of every piece you have pulled, ensuring everything is returned to the retailer in perfect condition. You definitely learn the meaning of "hurry up & wait." STYLE ICON? I adore Tom Ford. His work IS Tom Ford. I appreciate a designer/artist/stylist that has a vision in which you can immediately identify  the creator by just a quick glimpse of the work. ANY ON SET HORROR STORIES? While working as a production assistant for Machete, I was assigned to take Lindsay Lohan off-set to do some shopping in American Apparel. Not a horror story necessarily, but wrangling Lindsay, her sister and her assistant back to set was a feat in itself...and yes I got her back in time. FUTURE PLANS? I'm a huge supporter of the SHOP LOCAL movemement. There are so many creative retailers throughout Texas that I find shopping at "chains" a tad impersonal. I'd love to create a retail site that caters to the growth and success of small retail start-ups.

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