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Monday, July 23, 2012

Testimonial from model Valen Custer

Another satisfied model at our agency who also attended our recent Page Parkes Agent Review and can give insight into her positive experience!

Dear Page Parkes Agency,
I just had to write this letter and let Page Parkes Agency know how grateful I feel to be a model with this awesome company! My first meeting at the agency was with Devonie Kemp and she immediately made me feel welcomed and relaxed. A few days later I met with Page Parkes and was very impressed by her business sense, energy, and her positive outlook. A few weeks later, I went to model camp and had a great time! At model camp, I did my first shoot with one of their amazing photographers, Dan Carter, who immediately made me feel at ease, and guided and encouraged me to perform at my top potential. Malori Isham had the camp running so smoothly and she was a lot of fun! I learned so much and met so many great people! One of my favorite memories at model camp was meeting my New Faces agent, Ericka Perdue. She was so easy to talk to and made me feel at ease right away.
In the months that have followed model camp, I continue to appreciate Ericka’s supportive and encouraging words. She has worked so hard for me and the other models and really cares about our future and helping us become a true success in this very competitive industry! Erik Bechtol the High Board agent and Tabitha Pagel the Manager, also works so hard for all their talent and are very committed to assuring that they succeed and have all the opportunities available to them. At the Page Parkes’ Dallas division, Christopher Rich is an agent that also cares so much for his talent and always has a friendly hug and big smile! He continually works at providing opportunities and jobs that will advance the careers of his talent.
This past weekend, I attended Page Parkes’ Agent Review that they have once a year. This is an event exclusive to Page Parkes Agency where top agencies are brought in from around the world to come to Houston. During this weekend, the models and actors have a chance to meet with these top agencies, saving us thousands of dollars if we would have to travel to them for open calls or interviews. It was an awesome experience and a weekend full of fun and excitement! I was fortunate to get many callbacks and feel so blessed to be part of Page Parkes that provides this amazing opportunity.
Again, I want to say another huge “thank you” to my New Faces agent Ericka Perdue, that no matter where my modeling takes me, I will be forever appreciative to her for her friendship, professionalism, and guidance! Thank you Page Parkes Agency and staff for allowing me to follow my dream!
Sincerely, Valen Custer

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