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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Employee Spotlight: Christopher Rich

Page Parke Management Dallas Women's Director, Christopher Rich, is celebrating his 20 year mark with the agency this year! He started out as receptionist and in the past 2 decades has worked on developing models and talent and helping shape our Dallas office into a powerhouse full of rising stars. We caught up with him briefly:
WHEN DID YOU START AT PPM? My official start date was 1992, I had been doing freelance work and interning the year before. I modeled as a child, but was not with an agency and I was also involved with a local children's theater in the Houston area. My first position at Page was as receptionist at the school and agency. ANY FAVORITE MEMORIES OF WORKING AT PPM? I am at my 20 year mark with the company. My favorite memory of working at Page Parkes was getting to work with her! From helping her put books and cards together to watching her create a blouse for herself with an Hermes Scarf she brought back from a trip....without the use of needle and thread..lol..so creative she is. (Christopher at left as an assistant at PPM) FAVORITE SUCCESS STORY YOU HELPED DEVELOP? I worked with Alexis Bledel. She was my intern in the office while she was in high school. So enjoyed her and loved booking her for local and out of town clients. Sweet sweet kid. HOW DO YOU THINK PPM PREPARES MODELS AND ACTORS FOR SUCCESS Training from PPSM gives kids such confidence as well as plenty of "know-how" when they are in the development phase. So many of our instructors and coaches we work with either have on-hands client experience, or talent experience that they are able to pass along to the kids. ADVICE YOU WOULD GIVE TO NEWBIE PROSPECTIVE MODELS AND ACTORS? To take the advice of professionals, mainly the agent they choose and are working with. If you think you know everything about the business and how to handle your career on your own and think you don't need an agency, then you probably aren't right for the business if you can't trust us the professionals to guide you. IF YOU WEREN'T WORKING AS AN AGENT, WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING? I would probably would be in some creative field like in casting for our clients.

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