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Monday, December 26, 2011

One to watch: Kelsie Moody

Did you catch one of Page's discoveries on E!'s new hot show, SCOUTED? She is spotlighted on the show and even snagged an E! News segment recently of her giving a home tour. Well, looks like her new home for the moment is New York. Congratulations to Kelsie who is off and running. Newly signed to top model agency ONE MANAGEMENT, her agent has divulged that she has been going on a slew of huge go-sees. Mum's the word till we find out confirmations, but we will keep you all posted.

Dallas Morning News spotlights Page Dallas party!

F!D LUXE, the Dallas Morning News' monthly style and design magazine featured our Dallas holiday Toylands party!

Click here to check out who made the cut.
Here's some of the gorgeous Page faces and staff who made it into the spread:

Christi Schaefer, Nicole Kaspar, Gabrielle Wetherell

Dennis Bielik, Raevan Valadez, Damaris Grogran

Kid's update: Max Werner on My Fox Houston

Check out little Max front and center and being helpful with Chef Mark Holley in this cooking segment!

Preparing Dinner As a Family: MyFoxHOUSTON.com

Tricia Rollo: Starring in the new D Weddings...

Tricia snags the cover and main fashion well editorial of the new D Weddings!

The blushing bride looks cinematic and gorgeous.

Channing Tatum update: The Vow!

Channing Tatum who got his start at Page Parkes is in another film! This one with Rachel McAdams co-starring...looks like a weepie! Bring those tissues!

Watch: Page Parkes on Great Day Houston

Check out the 7:30 mark for Page with Deborah Duncan from Great Day Houston on KHOU!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shantel VanSanten update!

Shantel VanSanten is one of our biggest stars to come out of Page Parkes Management. She got her start at our Model and Acting camp in Houston and has since gone on to star in films (The Final Destination) and is currently on CW's hit show One Tree Hill.

She's also taking on some meaty fare - her next film out, Remembrance, makes it's New York premiere at the upcoming NY Jewish Film Festival.

We caught up with her:

1) Final Destination, One Tree Hill... Remembrance? This seems like a push towards more serious dramatic roles for you. How did you snag the part?
I think my art imitates my life a little... Through experiences I find a lot of emotion in my “tool box” and I love bringing that to my characters. I like comedy but those films found me and the roles/ characters spoke to me. I have been so fortunate to be a part of each of them.

2) What was it like shooting in Berlin?
Berlin was my favorite city I have ever been to. I never wanted to leave... I took a week vacation before shooting to explore and be a tourist. It was an INCREDIBLE city and the history there fascinates me. I visited a concentration camp called Sachesenhausen, a few hours outside the city and that was a LIFE changing experience. One I shall NEVER forget. Shooting there was a blessing even if the sound stages had NO air conditioning and it was the middle of the summer :)

3) The Holocaust is heavy subject matter. Was this an emotional role for you to take?
I was always intrigued by World War II and was so excited I got the role because I studied it in great depth in high school and college. It was a devestating period and I always wanted to gain more knowledge about it. It was very emotional for me talking to people who went through it or had family members who survived. Every story impacted and shaped my character and me.

4) What's next for you?
Next up is the start of season 9 of One Tree Hill and it is the finale season. I am so excited for everyone to see it because I think it's the BEST season EVER! I'm currently done filming and moving back to LA to audition and find a role that inspires me and one that I am passionate about! I am excited about the prospect which lies ahead!

5) What do you miss about Texas?
I miss the FOOD in Texas. Every time I go home I have a plan for where I need to go eat while I'm there. And I always miss my family and friends who are there! Best state ever!

Remembrance starring Shantel will screen in New York on Jan 16 and 17.

Check out the trailer:

Watch: Caitlin Ricketts for Francesca's Collections

Page Parkes/Scouted party at the W Ghostbar Dallas

Page and posse threw a huge premiere and holiday bash at the posh W Hotel Ghostbar in Dallas last week - BABES IN TOYLAND.

The Dallas Observer caught ALL the action.

Click here to view all the photos from the swanky soiree!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Driven magazine holiday shoot with Gabrielle Wetherell

Here's a behind the scenes peek at Gabrielle's recent holiday shoot with DRIVEN!

Click here to see the editorial - A CHRISTMAS OPERA

There's any Emmy winner at Page Parkes Management!

Joe Gumm from our talent board WON an Emmy for his show TRAVELING WITH THE TRIBE which he created and executive produces.

CLICK HERE to see full length episodes of his new hit show!

New face: Maddie Underwood

Maddie recently signed with us and already snagged an editorial shoot this fall with Austin Monthly and walked Austin Fashion Week! Looking glam!

Say hello to Page mini me...

Page's daughter Reagen Eveleth is ready for her close up!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Watch: Page with Kelsie on SCOUTED

Watch: Page and Gillian in action in Scouted

We also spy Page Parkes' Corporate Director TABITHA PAGEL GARCIA in there... and special friend and fellow "scouter" Kristen Kotik who is also starring in this exciting new show with Page!

Page Parkes and Scouted get spotlighted in...well, InTouch!

(Click on image to see it enlarged)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Huffington Post gives their approval for SCOUTED

If you enjoy looking at beautiful people, if you want watch the drama of what it takes to travel the road to becoming a model, then by all means tune in to "Scouted." More than a reality show, it is what some critics call "a docu-drama with beautiful people". Now that may be worth your time.