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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Caitlin Ricketts looking ravishing

Now signed with Wilhelmina in New York and Photogenics in LA, our Caitlin is off and running!

Our "hero" at Page Parkes: Glennie Burks

Staff Sargeant Glennie Burks is one of our hard working veterans, who actually did TWO deployments to Iraq. Now that the war is over, he can focus on his future. We signed him a few months ago for our commercial board and he has already started booking jobs. In addition he has become an inspiration for our clients.

He was recently spotlighted in this veteran spot for JCPenney...

And here he is spotlighted previously on Lou Dobbs. CLICK HERE!

Glennie, we salute you!

Clad launches with a double dose of hotness...

Cladmen.com launched this week for the stylish male. Luckily they booked TWO of our top guys:

Congratulations Bradley Tomberline...

...and Brent Zachary

Channing Tatum rumors! Another huge role?

Channing continues his ascent into the Hollywood A-list! And we are proud to have helped him get his start at Page Parkes!
He's reportedly being eyed for ANOTHER Steven Sodebergh film. Click here to read all about it!

And the weeklies have spoken...

SCOUTED on E! starring our very own Page Parkes is getting rave reviews, following on the heels of a New York Times mention no less.

Congrats Page, we can't wait to see how many stars she will scout on the new hit show!




Page gets spotlighted in the New York Times!


Page got quoted in the NEW YORK TIMES for the new E! show SCOUTED and even mentions that she calls scouting a "human treasure hunt"!

Click here to READ!

And if you haven't seen yet, Page's bio is on the E! website - CLICK HERE!

And now the show is officially legit in Wikipedia land as well! CLICK HERE!

SCOUTED! Page Parkes on E!

We're so excited to see our very own Page on E! Get ready for some more special surprises! Premiere episode was last night, so tune in each Monday for all the fun...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Watch Kate Mitchell sizzle

in THREE videos...

Cuchè 2011 | Photo Shoot from DJA1 on Vimeo.

Music Videos - Volumen X "Te Amo" from antonio zamarripa on Vimeo.

One of our newly signed girls, Kate Mitchell is already taking off! 1st video is a HOT short to showcase her. Second is a Spanish music video where she was the main girl called "te amo". WE LOVE! Third is a campaign video for JBW watches!

Tristan Dixon for Art Noveau

Tristan looks bloody fantastic in this editorial shot for Art Nouveau Magazine based in Atlanta.

Nicole Walch: National Wal-Mart ads

Someone's ready for game time and it looks like it's Nicole Walch who landed a national Wal-Mart ad! Find her in stores and on billboards!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

More on Page Parkes and E! "SCOUTED"

We can't wait to catch Page next month on E!'s newest model reality show SCOUTED. She might own a modeling and talent agency, but this show marks the first time that Page has had to go on camera as a talent - herself!

We got some juicy tidbits from her this week about the new show...

PP: SCOUTED is a human treasure hunt...well that is if you are in the modeling business! The way you are picked from obscurity...even if it is a burger joint - and next you are a recognizable beauty, gracing the covers of fashion mags.

PP: 51 Minds and Madwood Productions, were all AMAZING to work with! First, just to be chosen, as talent (a first for me), I was thrilled to be knowN for my eye as a SCOUT! I did the pilot and then good booked for the E! series airing NOV. 28th for the next 8 weeks.

PP: I am obsessed with scouting, TOTALLY OBSESSED, so yes, I did find gems, jewels, prizes,stars, and continue to! I must say that the episodes will make TEXAS PROUD! Please stay tuned...E! Nov 28 10/9c


Finding Beauty by Teddy Tran

Finding Beauty from Teddy Tran on Vimeo.

Check out photographer Teddy Tran's latest video which includes some of our hottest Page Parkes ladies getting wet!

Joe Gumm "travels with the tribe"!

One of our brightest from the talent board, JOE GUMM, has a family travel show he created, hosted, directed, edited and
executive produced called, Traveling with the Tribe.

It was recently nominated for two Lone Star Emmys and runs on Time Warner Cable throughout Texas. Crossing our fingers he will win next Sat when winners are announced!

Check out the website, with full blown episodes at www.travelingwiththetribe.com/test/

Fitness star: Hannia Cardenas

Hannia just recently shot for Lifetime Fitness! Here's a sexy outtake from the shoot for their spa. Rock it out! More news from her coming soon. She's headed to Dallas right now for a huge runway show...

Tommie Cross with Steve Madden crew

Tommie is on a roll since moving to NY! He just shot with the Steve Madden crew. Catch him in the middle, with of course, the best and highest hair in the room.

Channing Tatum NEWS!

Channing, who got his start with Page Parkes in Miami, is all over the place lately! And this summer we're going to get a double dose of him.

Set the date! On June 29 two of his films MAGIC MIKE and G.I. JOE: RETALIATION will open. Both will no doubt show off his greatest assets - his acting and biceps!

Click here to read all about on Deadline!

If you haven't heard, MAGIC MIKE is Stephen Soderbergh's male strip movie, inspired by Channing's past as a male stripper. YUP!

Click here to read all about it!

And for 2012, also look out for him in the 21 JUMPSTREET remake with Jonah Hill and, YES Johnny Depp who will also appear in the film.