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Friday, July 29, 2011

Spotted: Jourdana and Guillermo Perez at Project Runway screening in NY

We stopped by the Tribeca Grand last night for a special screening of the 1st episode of the new Project Runway Season 9...and look who we ran into... Reunited cause it feels so good!

Jourdana Phillips, one of our top girls from Page Parkes (also signed with Click in NY) was in the audience cheering for fellow Page models Ashley and Alyssa who are both spotlighted on the runway this season. "I'm SO happy for them," she gushed to Guillermo Perez - our former agent with Page Parkes' Dallas office. He's now at APM and commented, "I am so PROUD of all these girls! I remember when I was helping them get started and booking them in Dallas...and look at all of them now!"

We can't wait till next Thursday's episode!

Page Parkes models featured on new Project Runway!

Lifetime's hit show Project Runway Season 9 kicked off last night and we spied TWO of our favorite Page Parkes girls hitting the runway!

Congratulations to Ashley Lacamp and Alyssa Pasek for making it on the Project Runway...well RUNWAY! Both ladies are signed with CLICK in New York.

Here's Alyssa in a still from the episode...

Here's an extended scene with Ashley...luckily she too made it to the next round even though her designer Joshua was in the bottom 2 for a poorly constructed outfit. WHEW!

Catch the girls next Thursday and let's hope they both stay in the game until the very end!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer girl: Tricia Rollo

Temperatures are rising! Yes due to the sun..and also Tricia Rollo!

(Shot by Timothy O' Keefe)

Here's how to get signed by Page Parkes AND win a trip to Paris!

The Page Parkes Corporation is hosting a model call and looking for stars like you!

Submissions must meet the following requirements:
Females, ages 13-20, 5'8'' or taller and must live in Texas

If you are chosen, you may win a chance to be on our future Television show. Should you win that spot and make the finale show, the winner will be flown to Paris!

If you do not meet the requirements but know someone that would be a great fit, you too can be a scout just like us! All you have to do is use your iPhone! Simply go to iTunes, download our iScout Talent app. start snapping photos and send in your friends info! To read more about our app, visit: iscouttalent.com

SUBMIT ALL ENTRIES TO: promotions@pageparkes.com

Monday, July 18, 2011

Q+A with Allyson Cook! New York newbie

Congrats to Allyson who is newly signed with New York Models' NY2 division!
We caught up with her as she took a break from castings!

I signed with NY Models in May. My reaction was of course excitement! They are a great, great agency to be with, and since I'm with their sister agency, LA Models, i knew they would be just as good.

I landed a job with Ferrari for an event. It was actually pretty cool, and i'm not into cars! They created this $250,000 book filled with unpublished photos and on the front they had the Ferrari emblem made out of diamonds. But the coolest thing was that they only sold one per country and i got to be there for the unveiling. I ran into Neiman Marcus' Ken Downing when going to a casting! I miss seeing him from when I used to work in Dallas so it was nice to chat with him.

Fave celeb sighting would probably be Dave Chappelle last Friday! (Fellow Page Model) Ashley Lacamp was with me when that happened! But i also saw Henry Winkler this morning durning my run!

Page Parkes has done countless things preparing me for NY. They've taught me how to pose during polaroids, the importance of testing, and how to present myself to clients and my agency. Ill always remember what Page told me at one of our meetings "You're very humble. That's a great quality. Don't ever lose it." and because of that I've found that of course how you treat your co-workers and clients will reflect your career in a huge way.

My long time boyfriend and I are moving to California this July for both of our careers. While i will miss the sweet family through Page that I've gained these past 4 years, I'm also looking forward to what my future holds for me in LA. Next gig? I believe the Seattle Nordstrom Designer Preview is on July 21st, and I am super excited for it. i started working with Nordstrom this spring and have loved working with Keith on the West Coast and Greg on the East coast ever since. Because they have been sending me to all different states i have started a shotglass collection of all the states. My future plans with NY Models is to hopefully come back during September. They have been so sweet and have pushed me so far these past 3 weeks. New York City is a blast, but of course i don't have to tell you guys that!

Watch: Reshoo Patel stars in Dell commercial

Reshoo was named by D magazine as one of Dallas' most beautiful women. She can also talk circles about Dell power servers and its many options! She divulged to our agent Damaris Grogan in our Dallas office, "My friend was looking at the Dell website to find office solutions for his small business and look what he found! I think I look...nerdy but it's cool to see something!"

Ok Reshoo, we have no idea what you are talking about because you DEFINITELY do not look nerdy here! She has beauty AND brains. This one is an actor, model and a CPA!

The Cambrons: A model family!

We like to keep it in the family here at Page Parkes! One of our top male models, Caine Cambron is not only a great model, but a fab "role model".

Kids Canon and Gray obviously inherited dad's great genes, as they are BOTH also on our board.
Contact our Dallas office if you ever need great babes.

And here is the proud daddy...

Nancy Gomez stars in Suave commercial

Rethink salon hair! Congrats to Nancy Gomez who booked this fun Suave commercial, STILL AIRING, on tv.

Flip that hair!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Caitlin Ricketts by Nicole Hill

God Bless America...and Caitlin Ricketts! Our Katy, Texas native is making waves after signing with Wilhelmina Models in New York.

(Photography by Nicole Hill)

WATCH: Magen Ellis in new commercial

From pageant queen to rising Page model. Catch Magen Ellis in the new Luminess AIR commercial! The former Miss Texas Teen is on our model and talent board.

Talent Spotlight: Will Schutze

Check out WILL, one of our stars from the talent board creating buzz on Hollywood Blvd on his off time from auditioning in the City of Angels!



We guarantee it will make your temperatures rise!

WATCH: Keegan Wheeler as Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale from T.Rogers on Vimeo.