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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Employee Spotlight: Damaris Grogan

Roles & Responsibilities:
I am over the TV/Film, Commercial Print, Editorial and Children’s Divisions:
I work out of our Dallas agency on castings all across the US- from LA, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Louisiana, New York, and many more markets - some internationally. I'm responsible for submitting on productions, making sure the talent arrive prepared and handling the final booking. I also do model/talent placement and work closely with photographers and editorial clients all over the US to book our models for various covers and spreads like Dallas Morning News' FDLUXE, Seventeen, Real Simple, Houston Chronicle, PaperCity, and more. The Children’s fashion division is a portion on my plate that always keeps me on my toes and allows me to get creative. Being that the work for kiddos these days is so minimal, it’s great that I have my hands on the media and fashion side of the industry so that I can incorporate the kids in both divisions.

How long have you been at Page?
I Started at our Houston offices as an intern in the promotions dept for 1.5yrs and have been working in the Dallas offices almost 2 years- so total of about 3 years.

Who is on your radar on the Page board?
I love all of my models/talent but the ones that are at the top of my list are the ones that are reliable and dedicated. This industry is built on relationships so anyone that is willing to realize that and work towards making them stronger gets an A in my book :)

Favorite memory at the agency?
When I first started at the Dallas agency, my 1st project as Page’s assistant was to re-image the agency, so I redecorated the lobby and her office. When she came into town, she was so happy and excited that she cried, took a video on her phone, and sent it to everyone that was employed with Page Parkes in our Houston and Dallas offices. It was so funny to me!

What do you look for when you scout and meet new models, talent and kids?
Of course I always look at their headshot/resume. They need to have had experience in the industry and had some reputable training before I take them on to my board. I always make sure that the talent(s) that I am looking to potentially sign have 100% dedication and are willing to make the sacrifices that it takes to succeed. As I meet with new talent, I always make it a point to be brutally honest about the reality of this industry b/c everyone starts out with great intentions but don’t fully realize how hectic it can be until it comes down to the wire. Talent need to be able to have a schedule that can accommodate last minute and out of town castings and most importantly, TRUST THEIR AGENT! As for children, my big thing is the parents! If the parents are great to work with and this is something that the child wants to do then I’m all for it. People who are quick to listen and slow to speak are also at the top of my list J

Biggest success story of someone you worked with at the agency?
The Page Parkes Corporation has started the careers of so many well-known people like Channing Tatum, Shantel VanSanten, Alexis Bledel and more, but to be honest, one of the coolest success stories that I’ve experienced is still in the works…Devonric Johnson is both a model and talent that I represent whose life has started out with conditions you and I wouldn’t even dream of living in and after being adopted and graduating from SMU he is now climbing the ladder to becoming a successful model and actor in LA. The fact that he started from nothing and is becoming something yet is still so humble says a lot and I think is pretty cool.

Playing catch up with Ashley Lacamp

We got a chance to catch up quickly with one of our rising faces taking New York by storm. Ashley Lacamp has been pounding the pavement in the Big Apple, working New York fashion week and shooting a guest spot for CW's Gossip Girl, where she will be featured as a European princess!

My NY booker, Paul Blascak from Click, set this up for me! He said he sent them my book & that they really liked me, so I went to interview with the directors! I was most excited about being on such a popular show. Even though I am just a featured extra, I was so excited!

SO WE HEARD YOU HAD WENT ON A GO-SEE FOR L.A.M.B. during fashion week?
I did get a callback from L.A.M.B! Gwen was there & I got to walk in front of her. I didn't make the final cut, but I'm happy I got a callback on such a big designer my first fashion week!

My favorite part of modeling has got to be all the cool things that come with it. The clothes & of course the paychecks are awesome! Plus getting to work fashion week getting to meet & see lots of celebrities & famous designers!

Page has been such a blessing to me. Three years ago when I was trying to get started, I had so many people turning me down! But she saw potential & made it happen. She's been beyond supportive, & is always there when I need or want anything! I could not have made a better choice for a mother agent. The Dallas team has been awesome with everything as well! You can really tell how hard they work for everyone & they care for us as well, which I think is a very important trait for bookers to have.

Ashely in designer Chris Benz' Fall 2011 presentation during New York Fashion Week.

Christi Schaefer: Cool and colorful

Congrats to Christi who snagged the main fashion story in the April 2011 issue of San Antonio magazine...and putting the pedal to the metal...

Stanley Korshak celebrates 25 years in style...

Congratulations to Stanley Korshak on a fab 25th birthday!
We love fashion director Bret McKinney snapped here with Page!

Page Parkes Dallas' Damaris Grogan with husband Josh were also on hand to help us celebrate one of our favorite clients!

Keegan Wheeler hits the runway for charity

Keegan Wheeler recently took the runway for charity wearing designs by Dallas designer August Alexander. Proceeds from the show benefitted the Suicide Crisis Center. Courtney Russell's jet set fashion show took place at JET HANGAR 10 in Addison. S

Producer Jan Strimple...

Check out the sleek runway...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Page713 - New Faces 2011

Page713-New Faces 2011 from Musca Film-GRP on Vimeo.

Talent Spotlight: John Devereaux

Lots of exciting updates from one of the brightest on our talent board.

Despite his hectic schedule, John still manages to find time to juggle his homework, with his rising career!

First up, he's been filming a reality show on which he's a contestant. Its called "Top Grad" and can be seen on topgradtv.com.
Click here to read more on it and see his stats!

Next, one of the films in which he plays a major role, "Be My Teacher", will be distributed nation-wide at Best Buys, Blockbuster, Netflix, etc. starting March 17th, so pick it up.

And last but not least, he landed a national Wheel of Fortune spot!

The many faces of Lindsay Phenix




Monday, March 14, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Talent Spotlight: Sarah Toups

Here at Page Parkes, we rep models, kids, talent, actors AND dancers...congrats to Sarah Toups from Page 713, who's causing a stir with her dance moves!

The 15 year old was recently spotlighted by AOL's JSYK (Just So You Know) who labels her a "teen protege" in an exclusive interview for being a huge part of "The Pulse on Tour" which teaches kids dance steps from the stars!

Click here to read what she has to say!

And check out her moves here...

On set with Reshoo Patel

Reshoo Patel (right) was recently named one of Dallas' 10 most beautiful women by D Magazine. Reshoo came from our Page Parkes camp and has been soaring!

She sent us a pic with Jennifer Stone (middle) on set. Reshoo snagged a role in a SAG short film called “College Shock” booked by Tisha Blood starring actress Jennifer Stone, known for her award-winning work in “Second Hand Lions”, and major stints in “Wizards of Waverly Place”, “Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars” and the 2011 release of "Mean Girls 2".

Congrats Reshoo, it's just the beginning for you!

Client love: Elaine Raffel at Stanley Korshak

Page caught up with one of our favorite clients, Elaine Raffel, Director of Marketing at Stanley Korshak. Thank you to Elaine and Bret McKinney for always using our models in the Korshak ads and runway shows!

Jefferson Arrington shines for Neiman's online

Looking cute in summer polos...

Dennis Bielik for NIKE

Check out Dennis! The new NFL pro uniforms were inveiled last month at the Cowboy’s Stadium for some of the new teams. Watch the video to hear what teams it is for =)

Nancy Gomez in AT&T commercial with Juanes!

Check her out as flight attendant!

Kids spotlight: Clare Fresenmaier

How old are u?
I am 7 years old.

Favorite thing about modeling?
The people are always nice to me, and I love trying on clothes and getting my hair and make-up done.

Least favorite thing about modeling?
I get a little nervous sometimes.

Who do you look up to and why?
My favorite singer is Michael Jackson. All of his songs are really good. My favorite actor is my daddy because I love him. I look up to my Grandma because she is smart and teaches me how to work in the garden.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I think I would like to be scientist and a mommy!

Ford Maberry shoots Neiman Marcus kids online

He's following in his sister Izzy's fashionable footsteps!
We've spotlighted Izzy Maberry in the past.

Click here to check her out.
Seems like good genes run in the family! Little bro Ford just shot for Neiman's as well.

Tyson Ballou sets sail in Details

Pick up the new April issue of DETAILS and check out Page alum Tyson Ballou's sexy nautical spread!

Here are 2 steamy pics, but click here to see the rest!

We'll set sail with you Tyson. Anytime.