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Saturday, February 20, 2010

More on the Stokes Brothers and Abercrombie & Fitch

Stokes brothers, Justin (21), Evan (17) and Dillon (15), represented by Page.713, are currently being featured on Abercrombie Kids in-store posters and shopping bags. The brothers, who recently booked A&F in October, can be seen on the large window displays in all Abercrombie Kid stores, and youngest brother Dillon has his own in-store poster.

In 2005, oldest brother, Justin, attended the Page Parkes Center of Modeling and Acting Model Camp, and shortly after, all three obtained representation by Page.713.

This has been a milestone for the brothers as this is the first booking for Dillon and Evan and this is the first time the three have been able to shoot together. Oldest brother Justin stated “I have booked other jobs in the past, like Converse, and Academy, but this particular shoot for Abercrombie was different and exciting, not only did I get to venture away from home, but I was with my brothers. It was really fun and we were able to just be ourselves.”

“It’s pretty rare to walk into a store like Abercrombie and see a family photo, so I think it’s cool that I can walk in and see us brothers because no one ever thought that booking this job would end up being such a big deal,” Evan said.

After shooting for A&F in Boston, the Stokes brothers had no idea whether their shots would even be used. “We had no clue our posters had even made it in stores until a friend called us,” Dillon said. “This has really been amazing for me and my brothers, it’s a good feeling to know you have worked hard and everyone can see it! I love walking in the stores and seeing our posters.”

Page.713 represents more than 400 models and actors for the thriving local print, runway and commercial, TV, film and broadcast industries. Page.713 is world renown for the development and placement of its New Faces models and actors. Past and Present models have graced the covers of Seventeen, YM, Elle, Vogue, Teen Vogue, Men's Health, Brides Magazine and Sassy, as well as landed many prestigious campaigns such as Ralph Lauren, Miss Sixty, Gap, Abercrombie and Fitch, Adidas, Target and L'Oreal. Page Parkes Talent actors have worked in productions for TV shows and Films such as Step Up, The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 1 & 2, Shallow Hal, She’s the Man, Pepper Dennis, Gilmore Girls, American Pie and productions for Hasbro, Disney, Nickelodeon, among many others.
For additional information, please contact Tabitha Pagel-Garcia at 713-807-8222 or tabitha@pageparkes.com

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Spotlight on Kalyn Hemphill

Our Lake Jackson alum has shot to superstardom since she was announced the winning model of Project Runway and Models of the Runway!

Signed with Ford Models, the brunette beauty was recently featured on hot model website MODELINIA...

Click here to see her style spotlight!

and here to see her taking Modelinia's camera crew through her Texas home!

D Magazine: Tricia Rollo

Tricia has been racking up all the Dallas editorials, having appeared in the Dallas Morning News' FD LUXE, Envy Magazine and now D Magazine.

Pick up the new March issue where she is front and center modeling designs by hot El Centro graduates who have moved on to become huge designers!

Welcome back Nicole Kaspar!

Innocent to sexy...check out Nicole's new shots from Australia!

She's back in Texas, in a big way, so book her quick before this beauty jets off again!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Stokes brothers are "stoked" to be in Abercrombie & Fitch campaign!

The Stokes brothers, Justin, Dillon and Evan, recently booked Abercrombie & Fitch in October and their images are now being used on the bags.

Brother Dillon can be seen in the large posters in stores right now!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

News! Devonric Johnson books a Chevy commercial!

Devonric Johnson just booked a National SAG Chevy Silverado Commercial. He shot it the weekend of Jan 29 in Houston.

Stay tuned and watch out for it on the tube!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Page Parkes Management's go-see a success!

We held our seasonal go-see recently in Dallas at the W Hotel's Ghostbar and reps from all the heavy hitters came out: Neiman Marcus, JC Penney, photographers, and casting directors! Neiman Marcus PR Director Chuck Steelman strikes a pose above with Page Parkes!

Some of our top girls came out for it also including Ashlee Disney (Trump) and Nicole Kaspar (IMG) - both signed in New York!

Nicole is fresh back from a long stint working in Australia and ready to take a break in Texas for a bit, so bookers take note! This one is in town for a while!

Rhonda Sargent Chambers of RSC Show Productions (who attended and has casted many Page girls in the past) divulged to us, "When casting for shows my clients need variety. Experienced walkers and also new fresh talent. I have already booked models from this past go-see, it also refreshes my memory or it is good to see how each model has progressed since the last model casting! Page has this casting thing down...it is so important to keep clients updated and in the loop; she knows this!"

Check out who else attended...

Stanley Korshak hair stylist Macy Shammel and Page Parkes Corporate Director Tabitha Pagel Garcia

Page Parkes Women's Director Christopher Rich and Page Parkes' makeup artist Brandy Adams

Page Parkes Men's Director Susan Kaleta and Page Parkes stylist Kimber Yank

Stylists Aubrey Mayo and Kaitlin Burton from JC Penney's

Photographer Representative Holly Smith and photographer Fernando Ceja

Page had this to say about the event as well:

"We are a great agency ONLY because of the agents and the caliber of talent and models were present...we can't ever forget that we work for both the clients and the talen/models!!!! Over the past decades PPM has seen so much talent emerge from these types of events...Steve Visnue out did himself with the photo display!! Everyone was talking about...the raw beautiful shots of the models!!! Important clients came out for the show produced by Bret Mc Kinney from Stanley Korshak, and Christopher Rich from PPM put on an amazing show....Modern Luxury and Ghostbar sponsored the big event!!"

Spotlight on: Tricia Rollo

What are you up to now? Recent modeling gigs?

I just started taking a few classes up at North Central Texas College to get some of my basic classes out of the way. I've just been working at JC Penneys and Dillards, and have worked for Fossil a few times. I recently shot a wedding editorial with Tribeza and a shoot with D Magazine as well. Other than that, I'm testing a little and just hangin out.

Favorite jobs so far?

I liked a lot of the jobs I did in Japan. They get really creative with the hair and makeup...I always felt really good in what I was wearing.

Favorite thing about modeling?

When I get to do something more editorial or a test shoot. I love when a photographer or art director or makeup artist has this vision, and we are all able to make it come alive together. Just looking through photos and seeing the creativity that went into every aspect of it is what I love the most. So I guess you could say I love modeling because it is an art form.

Least favorite thing about modeling?
Sometimes there is a lot of waiting around, which can get SUPER boring but that just comes with the job. Other times it becomes incredibly rushed and everyone gets stressed out. Those times aren't the most fun.

Do u miss Japan? And what do u miss the most?
I miss Japan SO MUCH. It was such a great experience. Even though I missed my friends and family, I also really do miss the people I met there. They were awesome and I got so close to them. It's a great country and has so many beautiful places to see. I kinda miss how nice the people are there and how clean it was everywhere. We don't always see that here in the States, lol. I hope to be able to go back one day.

Where do you see yourself with your career down the road? What's your "dream" job you want to book?

I see myself modeling for a while. Hopefully I will be able to work in other markets and travel to more countries. I would love to do campaigns, model for GAP and H&M, be in Vogue, W, Elle, or Harper's. Ever since I started modeling I've always wanted to be in Seventeen. Those are big dreams that I would love to have come true. Someday after modeling, I want to get into graphic design and design websites and magazines layouts.

How did Page Parkes Model and Acting camp help you start off as a model?

The camp helped me learn what to do on a photo shoot. It helped me get a feel for what modeling can be like. Also it taught me the little things that you wouldn't think matter, but really do, like sitting down while wearing the clothes before you get on set. That's a big one,lol.

I know that at 5'7 your height might seem like a challenge - how do you make it NOT a challenge?

I could be 5'7" or 5'11", I would still work it. I think what helps me sometimes is practicing in front of the mirror and looking at my body and trying different angles to see what I can do to make myself look taller. I don't let me being "short" get in the way of my confidence, either. Two words: Kate Moss. If she can be fierce at 5'7", then so can I. Lol

What advice would you give to young girls who want to model and make it in the business?

Do not take criticism personally. Take it in, fix it, move on. Or if one person doesn't like your look, then someone else will. This industry can be tough, so you can't let things like that get you down. Also, give it your all. Don't hold back at anything. If a photographer or someone tells you to do something you think is silly or out there, just go all out with it anyway. Learn to laugh at yourself. It will make you seem more down to earth and will help you relax, which usually creates a better product and makes the people you work around want to work with you again. Most important: Don't be a DIVA. No one likes to deal with them.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Spotted! Jourdana Phillips at huge New York Fashion Week casting

Look who we ran into! Jourdana Phillips - our star from Page Parkes in Houston - was spied yesterday at ACW Worldwide's casting for NY shows - Lacoste, Y-3, G-Star, Rebecca Taylor, and Zac Posen.

She walked for Andrew Weir, an old Page Parkes friend and talented casting director, who saw Jourdana and over 500 boys and girls at the Hudson Hotel yesterday.

"I've been SO busy traveling," says Jourdana. "I need to get back to Texas soon!"

Good luck and here's hoping we see her on the New York runways!

Congratulations Channing Tatum!

Channing's movie is a hit!

His latest weepy DEAR JOHN raked up $32.4 million over the weekend to topple the top grossing movie of all time Avatar. Making history! We love it!

And we found him first at Page Parkes!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pierce Taylor (with girlfriend Mallory June) in Elle!

Page Parkes Dallas male runway star Pierce Taylor can add another huge title to his list of accomplishments: devoted boyfriend.

The Fort Worth native (signed with Wilhelmina in New York) has had notable jobs like strutting runways for Dolce and shooting with Madonna and Steven Klein.

Pick up the new ELLE to see him front and center with girlfriend and rising actress Mallory June whose latest film "Acting for the Camera" just played at Sundance!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Page Parkes girls shine!

Some of our top faces (from l-to-r): Allyson Cook, Keegan Wheeler, Katherine Hodge, Sarah Smith, Ashley Lacamp, Michelle Box