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Monday, July 27, 2009

Ashlee Disney gets spotlighted on "Fashion Does It Better"


"We heard about a new face at Trump from photographer Bradford Gregory. We heard about incredible potential and saw powerful pictures. We heard the camera just loves her and we saw she might like the camera as well. Ashlee Disney is the new one to keep in mind at the agency, she's got that playful 5'11"5 (181) silhouette that doesn't leave any room to doubts. Facts and figures in the same package and the little extra touch that makes the whole story incredible: she looks both so strong and so fragile, glowing yet baring a subtle dark side. Another brunette with thick brown eyebrows (and gorgeous blue eyes), another unique one."

Another Agent Review success story!!!

1 comment:

Sunil said...

Ashlee disney is again in the lime light.


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