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Friday, November 28, 2008

Brittany Woodward: Chinese Laundry ad

Brittany's looking S-E-X-Y in her new ads for Chinese Laundry. It's her first campaign! She shot it in LA right after strutting at New York Fashion Week in Sept. She's also the face --and well legs -- of the company's website also! CLICK HERE TO SEE.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hot new face: LOGAN NICKELL

We spied this tall lanky one last month at Fashion at the Park at NorthPark mall at the Rodarte/Barneys show, ironically watching our hot gals on the runway. Naturally, creative director and scout extraordinaire Tammy Theis made a beeline and promptly gave him her card.

Fast forward a month later -- and we've already put him to work in front of the camera. And work it HE DID! Testing with our fave fashion photographer JAMIE LUCA.

Just look at the results!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Breaking: Nicole Kaspar lands French mag cover!

Nicole is front and center on the new cover of French magazine!!! She's right there in the middle!

The publishers did 12 different covers with some high profile faces like Karlie, Ksenia, Coco, Arlenis, Ali and more!

Click here to see the rest of the covers.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blond beauties: Adam Iwanski and Ashley Lacamp

Adam and Ashley -- awww -- did a big test with local lensman Chad Blockley. The dynamic duo were shot outside of Dallas at the outdoor drive-in in Ennis.

Here's video from the shoot of the dynamic duo. Could American Eagle be next for these two? They've certainly got the fresh-faced looks and personality to do the ads!

Wondering from Chad Blockley on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Adam Iwanski shoots with Laura Wilson!

Here's the latest shot of one of our bright new faces ADAM IWANSKI! The UNT college design student shot recently with renowned photog LAURA WILSON (a former asst to Richard Avedon -- and HELLO - actors Luke and Owen's mom!!!).

The shot runs in The Dallas Morning News' Nov style issue of F!D luxe.

Kyla Blue shines true in new test!

There's a reason KYLA BLUE is the face of our agency website when you click on it. She's got a perfectly round BOTTICELLI face to die for! The 18-year-old just graduated from high school in College Station, TX (NO, she's not gonna go to A&M). Instead she's been quietly working the Dallas circuit -- appearing in high fashion editoritals for The Dallas Morning News and working as the store model at the Oscar de la Renta boutique. A summer in Paris also honed her skills and it shows! Here's a recent test she did with Dallas-based photog MATT HAWTHORNE.

FUN FACT: Kyla also works in computers -- as in building them. Smart girl!

Who will get to work with Bruce Weber???

We can't divulge too much, but Sam Shahid & Co who casts for Abercrombie & Fitch/Hollister/RUEHL/Gilly Hicks was just in Austin scouting! They requested to see 13 of our best and brightest new faces!!!

We'll keep you posted if any of the kids end up making the cut to be shot by BRUCE WEBER!


Friday, November 14, 2008

Blast from the past: Tyson Ballou in 1993

Here's how Tyson looked around the time he signed with us here at Page! This shot is from Andrew Weir, powerhouse casting director for ACW Worldwide in New York. He casts for shows like Hussein Chalayan, Viktor & Rolf and more! He also happens to be an amazing photographer!

And we can hardly wait! Andrew is coming to Dallas for the holidays and shooting some of our kids -- we'll keep you posted...

Check out his KILLER website HERE!. Love that Chromatics version of "Running Up that Hill"!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Brittany Woodward: From Allen, Texas to this...

Here's one of our brightest gems from Allen, Texas. Naturally she rose quickly (sniff) and is traveling full-time and repped by Trump Models in NY. The girl even has her own thread on the Fashion Spot now where rabid fashion followers are debating back and forth about her short hair. Click here to read about it.

And let's get the record straight...WE (eg: the amazing TAMMY THEIS) sent her out to get her hair chopped off in DALLAS...not NY. It paid off well!

One-on-one with photograher Jamie Luca

We heart JAMIE LUCA!!! He has no home base (LA, sorta) because this sprite, outspoken lensman travels all over the world shooting for high fashion mags like Nylon, Black Magazine, Issue One, New York Times Magazine, international editions of Harpers Bazaar AND he tests new faces for Ford Models in NY (he's shot Chanel Iman!!!).

He also jets down to Dallas to shoot our new faces at Page...and the results are always breathtaking. Editorial. Edgy. And well, just plain fun! He was in town last week to shoot a new crop of kids and looking though all the film, all we can say is it's FIERCE! They'll be posted up soon but in the meantime, we caught up with him here.

How did you get involved with shooting Page new faces?
JL: I just emailed from the email I saw on the website and creative director Tammy Theis responded back. She hadn't worked with me, but loved what they saw once they saw the film of the models!

Some of your Page favorites?
JL: I love Tricia Rollo, Morgan and Nicole Kaspar. I think they are gonna hit M-A-J-O-R-L-Y in NYC! Tricia has spunk and when I shot with her she was eager to learn and show me what she could do. I just love that! She HUNGRY! Morgan -- she's the quiet striker...very meek in her demeanor but the camera just loves her face! Every angle is perfect. Nicole (below) -- this girl has a smokin' body and a face to die for!

How do you get your models to come out of their shells to get the shot?
JL: A lot of yelling! I think they realize from the get go that I'm just one of them. I joke around with them and really get to know each of the models. I always tell them if the position or pose they are in is uncomfortable, then they are doing it right!

What do you think of Dallas?
This is my 4th trip to Dallas and I love it! I've made friends here and it's so cool to see cowboys just wandering about the street in their whole regalia! My favorite thing that I have done here is seeing country line dancing at the Round-Up Saloon (the gay country western bar).

Where are you at now? Upcoming projects?
I'm going back to LA and next year, I am going to Asia to try the markets out there! I can't wait!!!


Nicole Kaspar in new FRENCH magazine

She's graduating from her little high school in Nacagdoches, Texas this winter, but girl keeps on movin' movin' movin'. Like a lot of our hot new faces, this one only signed with us last year, has already signed with IMG in New York and is slowly sky-rocketing to the top -- racking up that runway mileage and high fashion editorials. Come February during show season, watch out!!!

Ryan Doom on movie set!

One of our hottest talents RYAN DOOM (you might have caught him on the new 90210) is currently shooting a Vietnam-era flick with actor STEPHAN BALDWIN (who's in the group shot on the far right). Love the army gear. HOT!

Classic beauty: Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith hails from Frisco, Texas and is currently in Milan with Ice Models. Check out the newest shots we just got in our inbox from a recent test! She also booked a gig modeling in the Versace showroom. Anyone in Miami? She's signed with Republica Management and is heading there after Milan. Girl, we hope we get to see you soon in Dallas!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Michelle Box gets red!

One of our top gals Michelle Box is so unpredictable! She showed up at the Dallas office today with a new color. We love the fiery red! This stunner signed with Storm in London and has been on the go - Milan, Tokyo, everywhere working it, with barely a break. No doubt she'll continue to rise to the top with her new do.

Jason McAlister scores Men's Health foreign edition

Jason McAlister has been on our board now for years and is also repped by Wilhelmmina's powerhouse men's board in NY! We rarely get to see him in Dallas because he's ALWAYS traveling for jobs like this foreign edition of Men's Health! Too bad they didn't shoot him shirtless. He's all bundled up. What's up with that?!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shantel Van Santen in new movie with Mischa Barton!

Shantel's from Spring, Texas and is a model with us. Like many of our models, she's multi-talented...the girl can also act! Her latest starring role in You and I opposite Mischa Barton releases in March of 2009. The film is about two girls who fall in love at a T.A.T.U. concert and get swept up into a dangerous world of drugs, obsession and murder. It's directed by Roland Joffe who helmed The Scarlett Letter with Demi Moore and Gary Oldman and the Oscar-winning film The Killing Fields!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Brittany Woodward is on the cover of Pulp!

One of our freshest faces snagged a cover! For Pulp! The first thing we did when she walked into our Dallas agency last year was sign her, then sent her to a stylist to chop off that hair! Looks like it's paid off. In just a year she's signed with Trump Models in NY, worked New York Fashion Week, landed the Nivea campaign and is traveling the world. We're guessing her family in Allen, Texas misses her.

Seasoned pro: Tom Pricone

Talk about longevity! Tom Pricone, currently one of the main male models in the Macy’s holiday commercials, has been with us 10 years and has been working close to 20! We're so not surprised -- especially with an infectious smile like that!

One of our fave shots was his Barneys ad a few years back. In an industry obsessed with youth, Tom's not only a seasoned pro, but a sparkling keeper!

Blond beauty: Leif Stacey

Bet you guys didn't know that we rep some MAJOR male faces out there! Look at blond babe Leif Stacey. His new Dillard's ads are pretty much a fixture in all the men’s mags this fall -- GQ, Men’s Vogue, Details.

He shot Abercrombie years ago with Bruce Weber and graduated to - SCORE - being the face for POLO, also shot by Bruce!

Wanna know more about him? Click here to read an extensive interview!