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Friday, October 31, 2008

Trisha Rollo! Our next big star?

Model Trisha Rollo has been modeling less than a year. Look at that face! A little Kasia Struss. A little Jessica Stam...She's been steadily working the JCPenney/Dallas circuit here. NEW YORK AGENTS: This one will be snatched up soon. More photos from this shoot to come....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Taylor France lands a cover

Guess who landed on the cover of the cheer and drill team mag Team Leader? It's lil' 16-year-old Taylor France...The catalog bookers will love that big smile and bubbly personality!

Taylor Dixon's latest test!

We love to call this one the baby Carmen Kass! We are tapping our heels waiting for her to get snatched up and represented by a New York agency soon. After working for shoots for F!D LUXE and working the runways at Fashion at the Park (including a coveted spot at the Marchesa luncheon with the designers themselves), we have no doubt her moment to shine is coming any day now!

Love her latest test with Chadwick Tyler.

Dimitri Lekkos: Huge print star!

Dimitri's a Houston naitve but we HAD to sign him on the spot when he walked into our Dallas office during an open call.

Our agency's gamble paid off! He recently shot a Moet & Chandon campaign with actress Scarlett Johansson that's coming out next year!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Savannah Phillips...the next Chanel Iman?

Yah, we know that there's been controversy brewing in the industry over the lack of black models on the runway and in fashion magazines. We are placing bets on our own Savannah Phillips to knock down those barriers. The statuesque basketball player looks - HELLO - like supermodel Chanel Iman in the Dallas Morning News' F!D luxe Oct. issue.

This young lady not only struts and poses...she emotes. She's also signed with our talent division -- so she can ACT too!

Nicole Kasper in The Dallas Morning News

We've stopped counting. Nicole's got the goods! The Nacagdoches-native (We have to keep mentioning it girl!) is on the rise - recently signing with IMG, strutting in fashion shows, etc. She was one of the stars in this month's Dallas Morning News' F!D LUXE magazine in their "architectural" shoot -- how structured!

Brent Zachery teaches you how to pack

He travels all around the world and is also signed with FORD in New York. Brent is also an expert packer. Here, he'll show you how!

Chad Pinther: Congrats on the baby!

Congrats to one of the top guys on our men's board, CHAD PINTHER, who just became a daddy for the first time! He lives in Colorado but regularly books jobs for Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, JC Penney, etc etc etc! He can look boyishly handsome and dashing OR incognito -- you decide.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ryan Doom stars in Chevy commercial!

Not only is the car beautiful, but you are too Ryan! (listen to the song).

Enjoy the yummy-ness...of the car...

Monday, October 20, 2008

MGM Casting director works with Page actors!

In-house casting director for MGM Worldwide Television and MGM Features, PAUL WEBER stopped by our offices to work with some of our budding actors. His MGM credits include “DEAD LIKE ME" and “JEREMIAH” for SHOWTIME, “SHE SPIES” and the reality show “FAME” for NBC, “STARGATE SG-1” and “STARGATE ATLANTIS” for the Sci Fi Network and much much more!

Luckily he took time out of his busy schedule to work with some of our talent and models (YES some our models ACT too!!!) And trust us, he put them to WORK! He had them do cold reads from scripts he’s produced and later gave some constructive criticism. Could the next MGM Star be from Page??? We'll see!!!

Michelle Box gets fashionably musical in Italian Marie Claire

Michelle Box in Russian Marie Claire!

This girl is ALL over the map! She has been traveling traveling traveling...and racking up some impressive editorials since signing with STORM in London. She can go grungey or polished! She looks very lady sexy secretary here.

Tyson Ballou looks smokin' in the new W

One of our HUGEST alums is Tyson Ballou. The Garland-native has still got what it takes and we love that he looks like he hasn't aged from the day he first walked into this agency. He stars with Linda Evangelista in a fierce STEVEN KLEIN editorial in the Oct. issue of W.

Leigha Ellis books LOOKS!

One of our blond-haired beauties LEIGHA ELLIS shot the cover of LOOKS - the Dallas Morning News beauty magazine out on stands now. What a face!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Look for Ryan Doom in the new 90210!

He's stunning huh?! We hope you're tuning into the NEW 90210! Chances are you've caught one of our handsome talents RYAN DOOM in a recurring role! He's also done CSI. Love those baby blues boy!

Brent Zachary stops by the Dallas office!

AWWW! Look who came to visit us in the office last week. Brent Zachary is signed with FORD in New York and has been mega busy shooting left and right, including the - tah dah! BANANA REPUBLIC campaign! This season, he's the new face of Docker’s. We're sure you've seen his bright smiles in print ads for Neiman’s, Macy’s, Kohl’s, JCP, etc. The list goes on and on and on!

Our girls rock the big hair in Marc Bouwer!

Michelle Box, Taylor Dixon, Brittany Woodward and Nicole Kaspar rock out the big Dallas hair at Fashion at the Park's closing show - Neiman Marcus. Designer Marc Bouwer made an appearance and made sure each of the girls were meticulously over-the-top. Mission accomplished! Looking good ladies! Congrats to a fab runway season in Dallas!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jourdana Phillips at Fashion at the Park

Jourdana flew down from NY and this curly haired beauty's been booking FATP shows left and right! She's long and lean and a walking machine!!! Like a lot of our girls, this one's also got some New York cred. She's signed with VNY Model Management in NY and walked spring shows last month including Vena Cava, Tony Cohen, Venexiana, Tse, Elie Tahari and more! SHe also recently shot for Glamour!

She works it here in last night's MISS SIXTY show!

Brittany Woodward at Fashion at the Park

Our girl Brittany is a seasoned PRO! She not only strutted at Fashion at the Park last season, but has walked NEW YORK runways as well. She worked the Trovata and Mischen catwalks last month in NY. SO working NorthPark's FATP is a breeze for this pristine 20-year-old. And let's not forget the SIX FIGURE Nivea campaign that comes out soon! It's hard to imagine she's been barely modeling a year but we can see why she's so popular -- she can go uptown or downtown in a heartbeat. VALENTINO above and ED HARDY below!

Nicole Kaspar at Fashion at the Park

Our 17-year-old superstar has only been modeling for about a year and is now practically a pro! She's signed with powerhouse New York agency IMG MODELS and has already gone up to New York and worked the resort circuit last season. Why do the designers love her? Look how versatile she is! She can do sexy in Diesel swim or classic in Peter Som. Take your pick.

Page Parkes models storm Fashion at the Park in Dallas!

Our top girls are having a stellar runway season at NorthPark Center's fashion extravaganza -- Fashion at the Park! TAYLOR DIXON flew in from Santa Fe and promptly booked the Bebe and Neiman Marcus' closing Marc Bouwer show. She was also one of the few models who modeled at the MARCHESA luncheon where designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig made a personal appearace. "This is the most beautiful dress I've ever worn!" she exclaimed! Rock it out girl!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kyla Blue in Fashion!Dallas!

One of our top Houston faces spent the summer in Paris working and testing. The newbie high school graduate shot with Richard Krall for the Sept. issue of F!D LUXE, the Dallas Morning News' monthly style mag. She spent the day outside of Mineral Wells, Texas and sported some amazing Commes des Garcons and Stella McCartney. She divulged that kids used to make fun of her in school for her unique look. We're sure they're eating their words girl! Aside from modeling, the bubbly 18-year-old's day job is working on building and repairing computers. SMART GIRL!

Adam Iwanski shoots with LAURA WILSON!

Let's here it for one of our hot blond babes Adam Iwanski. The cutie college freshman is studying fashion design AND models! He recently shot for F!D LUXE, the Dallas Morning News' monthly fashion mag and worked with renowned photographer LAURA WILSON! The issue comes out in Nov!

Yes, she's actors Luke and Owen's mom, but she's a famous lenswoman in her own right, having worked closely with Richard Avedon on his famous In The American West series!