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Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Page Parkes blog!

Click to see the new combination of Page Parkes Center of Modeling and Acting for Houston, Dallas, and Austin! Bookmark blog.pageparkes.com for all of the new updates!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Page Parkes featured in Seventeen Magazine ad

Check out the latest ad for PPM in the current issue of Seventeen! 
Nicole Kaspar rocks it out front and center!

Catching up with Emily Matheney

Congrats to Emily who just jetted off to San Francisco to officially sign with STARS who reps a number of our gorgeous models on the west coast! She's already hit the ground running with castings and a Michael Kors fashion show at Saks Fifth Avenue. We'll keep you posted on her new adventures!

Page Parkes models in Forth Worth Opera ads

Check out the latest Fort Worth Opera ads shot UNDER WATER by Jeremy Shelby.
Look for these wet worthy shots all over DFW! 

Ashley Lacamp & Alex Williams

                                                             Amy & Dwayne Daniels

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Model Spotlight: Lindsay Phenix

Check out Lindsay's latest futuristic/sporty shoot from Sydney!
We caught up with her quickly:

How did you get into modeling? 
I started modeling when I was thirteen. I went to a convention in Dallas to be scouted by dozens of agencies. I got signed with a boutique agency in San Francisco, and was off to my first modeling trip to Bangkok, Thailand at the age of 14. I stayed there for two months.

How has Page Parkes Management helped you prepare for success?
I've been signed with Page Parkes since I was 16. Each and every agent, including Page herself, has had such an impact on my career as well as my personal life. I truly consider them family and take their opinions,recommendations, and advice to heart. They have always prepared me for each trip I've gone on throughout the world. They have placed me in so many awesome countries that I couldn't ever have imagined going to, without their help. Each one of them has guided me through different markets and has ensured that I am prepared when I go there.

So you just shot this in Sydney? How was it?
I absolutely LOVED Sydney! I worked so well there, and plan on returning in February for another two months or so. This shoot was a swimsuit fashion concept. They wanted the lines on the clothes to be cohesive with the lines in the architecture in the background. This shoot was all about clean, elongated lines. It shows in very aspect of the shoot, right down to the exaggerated cat eye make up. The photographer really had an edgy, fashion forward plan. I think he executed it quite well!

Favorite thing about modeling?
My favorite thing about modeling is hands down, being able to travel the world! I am so fortunate that I have seen some amazing amazing countries through modeling. I even got to go to Fiji while I had a few free days in Australia. A close second favorite thing is the wonderful friends I have made. I have some life long friends that I am so very close to because of this industry. Through modeling, i also met my boyfriend, a fellow Page Parkes model, Seth Slaughter. It's pretty cool that we can share our modeling experiences and travels together.

What advice would you give to girls who want to model?
Some advice I would like to share to young girls wanting to model is over all is this quote.."Keep your head, heels, and STANDARDS high!" Always stand for what you believe in, because no amount of money or "fame" is worth compromising your morals. Also, keep your head up and always stay determined. Don't give up because you hear a "no". The truth is, you will hear "no" thousands more times than you hear a "yes" in this industry. Just remember, all you need is one "yes" to succeed! 

What are you into right now?
I make it a well known fact of how much of a Beyonce fan I am. I think she is so classy yet just the right amount of sexy. She is the epitome of what hard work and dedication can get you. Beyonce is a strong, independent woman that I think is a great role model..she's also a fellow Houstonian! I'm also really involved in Hillsong church, in Sydney and New York City. I love the Hillsong United worship music. It's so important to stay positive, and I think their music is uplifting and just what you need sometimes. I'm not too current on films but my favorite all time movies are "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Blood Diamond". I am also a vegetarian so I highly recommend "Forks over Knives" and "Food Inc." on Netflix. They really explore how to change your eating habits and become healthier.

Future goals?
My future goals in modeling are to continue to work in this industry as long as I possibly can and then switch over to more acting. I am a marathon runner and athlete and I love to use that to promote a healthy model lifestyle. I am trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon in Houston in January 2014 or 2015, and run Boston by age 25. My goals overall is to just inspire others to shoot for their goals, and never give up!

New Face: Sunny Adams

Congrats to one of our Model Camp graduates Sunny Adams 
who stars in this ad for handbag line Cykochik!

Photographer spotlight: Collin Kelly

Congrats to one of the photographers we work with COLLIN KELLY who was recently named a finalist in the VOGUE's Bottega Veneta New Exposure Competition!

He is currently in New York for the competition! As one of the finalists, he was given a photography project to present to the judges in hopes of winning the New Exposure grand prize.

The New Exposure judges panel included:

Thomas Maier
Vogue Photography Director Ivan Shaw
Model/actress Linda Evangelista
Curator for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Andrew Bolton
Photographer Craig McDean
Photographer Collier Schorr
Stylist Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele
Makeup artist Pat McGrath
Hairstylist Guido Palau
Art+Commerce founding partner Jimmy Moffat
Gallerist Yossi Milo 


Check out some press from the event:
From - 

Kristen Ottea on NBC's REVOLUTION

KRISTEN OTTEA was recently on NBC's REVOLUTION! Congrats!
We're more impressed that she models AND is a taxidermist! Check it out. Actress, model, taxidermist. We call that a triple threat!

Alexis Bledel on NYLON TV

Catch Page Parkes alum ALEXIS BLEDEL on Nylon TV!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Fox's newest star: Alexis Bledel stars in new Fox comedy US & THEM

Alexis Bledel has been hitting her stride. After a multi-episode arc on AMC's MAD MEN, the former Page Parkes alum made waves when she was rumored to be considered for the what-is-sure-to-be titillating screen version of 50 SHADES OF GREY (Click here to read about the brouhaha). Alas the role went to someone else, outraging fans, but we can look forward to Alexis returning to the boob tube in Fox's mid-season newest comedy US & THEM, where she will be co-starring alongside Jason Ritter star as Gavin and Stacy in a clever, rom-com based on an award-winning BBC series. FOX describes the show as being "about a young couple, whose path to happily-ever-after is complicated by the screwed-up circus of people closest to them." Yep, family!

Check out the trailer!

Kid's Spotlight: Kingsley O'Heir

Kingsley joined the Page Parkes family after already working and modeling in New York, including being featured in a spread with Glee's Jane Lynch in Entertainment Weekly! He's hitting the ground running in the big D for modeling and acting work. This kid's a future star in the making! 

Sometimes you can ask them if you can keep some of the accessories or the clothes. If you ask nicely you can keep the clothes, maybe maybe not! Also I'd really like to be famous and I really like being a model!

Yugi O, Adventure Time and Ninjago. My shows are Being Chased By Dinosaurs, Man vs. Monster and Walking with Beasts.

Art. You basically get to make stuff. And math I love math and one of my favorites is multiplications.

It is a very hard choice. The top four is Legos, Connects, stuffed Angry Birds and one more which is basically iPad.

They are loving and caring people. They're the best parents ever!

Page Parkes models spotlighted in The Dallas Morning News as top TX "stars"

Congrats to Taylor Dobie, Victoria Monette, & Caitlin Ricketts for being named top stars by the Dallas Morning News fashion section! CLICK HERE to see the feature.

Tribeza covers Page Parkes's mission of finding top faces with a caring hand

CLICK HERE to read an article that ran in the current Austin-based Tribeza magazine featuring Page Parkes and her mission to find great faces and being an honest business woman.

An excerpt:
Parkes’s approach to her work is rooted in creating honest, trusting, and respectful relationships with her clients, while helping them to develop highly effective skills that extend beyond the realm of modeling and acting. “I think I’ve always been challenged by the word ‘trust,’ perhaps due to my own upbringing, because I thought that if I performed to my highest ability, people would trust me. I’ve stayed so addicted to this job over the years because of how difficult it is to get people to trust you. I’m completely invested in protecting these girls, though. I openly give myself to them.”

Victoria Monette in black & white

Latest test of Victoria from Aldo Carrera 

Monday, August 26, 2013

The hair flies for Nicole Kaspar

Latest test with Nicole, photographed by David Heisler
Calling Pantene!

Nida fronts for Heidi Klun

Congrats to Nida who was selected for a recent gig in LA at the Grove to work with supermodel Heidi Klum on promoting Clear Shampoo (She is far left in first photo, far right in second). Love the smiles all around!

Page Parkes Glamping campaign featured on Mix 96.5

Click here to read the latest press on Page's model campaign - this time from CBS Houston's Mix 96.5!

The ABC's of Page Parkes models

Monday, August 19, 2013

Page Parkes featured in Texas Monthly!

Click here to read the latest on Page's personal scouting efforts as she pounds the pavement for new faces!

Page Parkes is Glamping across Texas in seach of models!

Check out the details for Page's plans to scout new models across Texas! Follow her twitter and Page Parkes facebook to check out where she will end up on the last leg of her tour and meet her in person. Got what it takes? Here's your chance to be the next new Texas star!

Model Nicole Kaspar (on van and right) was discovered by Page at a birthday party a couple years ago and since then has walked Fashion Week, traveled to Australia and been booked by everyone from Neiman Marcus to Diane von Furstenberg...